SlideAroundAmerica Portable Slide Project!

The SAA slide is the coolest water slide rental we have ever seen! Very Fun 140' long water slides off a 21' start tower, completely portable, completely operational, fully staffed & extremely Cool!

The SAA can be set up anywhere (footpath 100' x 40'), can be run on fixed or portable power, comes with its own water (filtered, heated & salt water chlorinated) and turns a party into an Event!  Its like a water park in your own back yard!

The SAA can also be Branded to please any company or client (colors, tower wraps, pool liners, you name it).  The whole Portable fits into a 53' tractor trailer & loves to travel. 

SlideAroundAmerica is a great Fundraiser for organizations, non-profits, schools, sports clubs, etc. A one day fundraiser, great exposure, great return!  

Pricing varies with location, duration & customization but there is nothing like it!  

Email us & we can figure it out for you.

Recycled, Repurposed, Reused Its how we roll!

This is cool, removing, refurbishing, & recycling commercial slides into smaller slides for residences, summer camps, summer lake houses & small water parks.  We completely refurbish the slides so they are like new.  They are reconfigured, redesigned to fit their new homes. This is Not your basic pool slide. This is a fun, safe & extremely cool pool or lake addition.  You say your getting one for the kids, but we know who its for!!  Your not alone.

If you build it, they will come... Seriously!

Imagine a shiny, completely refurbished slide in YOUR backyard, camp or park! Pretty awesome, huh? Water slides are the perfect way to get the grandkids back, build popularity, and be the coolest kids in the cul-de-sac.  We have put them into suburban houses (with the HOA approval), Beach front homes (into the gulf you go), over cliffs, down hills and our latest, on a truck so we can move it wherever we want (SlideAroundAmerica)  It is like having a water park in your back yard!