as is, not so pretty, come & get it, fix it yourself, "what have I gotten into?" Slide Sections

Every year we get some old, some tired, some big, some small, some crunched up & some just weird slides.  Want make something cool?  How are your fiberglassing skills?  Remember taking Autobody in High school shop class?  Are you a proud member of the "I Can Build Anything Myself" Club?  The DIY slide sections might be for you!  

These DIY slides sections are sold as is, where is, and are priced at a discount depending on what shape they're in and how much work is involved in making them cool!   Prices can range a bunch depending on the sections & how much you need, $165/ft for AsIs sections to $250/ft for completely refurbished super very nice sections you bolt together (& you pick the color.)

They are picked up or shipped from our TX WaterSlide location, but we do have some sitting in other parts of the country.  

More DIY WaterSlide Basics (like the sketches in the pics) will keep being added to help guide you; but you will be pretty much on your own. Have fun!