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These are not your average pool slides!  We take used commercial water slides and reconfigure them into unbelievable cool slides!  What are you thinking??  What are did you dream of?  We can help you make it happen!

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What do you have:

A pool , a pond, a lake, a cabin, a summer camp, a family campground, a cliff, a bunch of trees, an ocean??  

What we need:

A pic, a drawing, a dream, an idea, a budget, a time frame, a location, any of the above.  Get that to us & we can start putting some ideas together.  3-D Mockups, geolocated pics, we can do a bunch!

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Pricing & Layout

We will work with you to get a Cool layout that is save & Fun & fits.  Your budget will really dictate what you get. These are big refurbished commercial water slide sections.  Even a small 6 section slide is still awesome!  

Installation & Assembly

What can you do?  What do you want to do?  Whats your brother in law up to??  This all effects the cost of installing the slide.  Not rocket science, its a big Lego set!  We can do a full installation, assemble the slide with you taking care of the site work, or give you some helpful tips on what to do.  

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