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The SAA Portable has two slides, One 90' x 32" wide enclosed tube slide wrapping around the tower into a runout & splash pool & the other 110' x 42" wide open body slide coming from the backside around to the from splash pool..  It can move about 3500 happy people a day, fits in a 100' x 70' space & comes with its own water! The SAA slide can be branded with tower wraps, support wraps, custom pool liner & custom colors to meet anybodies tastes & needs.  The perfect promo slide can be rented for a weekend or for multiple events.  Also, we'll set it up, take it down & run it for you (yup its fully staffed!)  Tech stuff, SAA runs on single phase power or portable power, needs about 3500 gals of H2O which is filtered, heated & chlorinated (we can bring our own water if that helps), needs a fairly flat 100' x 70' space, & takes about 10hrs to set up & 6hrs to tear down.  SAA fits into a well packed semi trailer (which can also be wrapped) & it loves to travel!  Rental price varies with duration, location & customization.  Email us the info, we can figure it out.

Why Rent the Portable:

The SAA is an Event!  Whether a private party, corporate promotion, family fundraiser, or summer festival its extremely cool.  If you are looking to make a splash, a Big Splash, the SAA will do it!  Safe, fun, huge impact, great social media response, all bases are covered.

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Amazing way to keep cool cats Cooler at Festivals!!

Amazing way to keep cool cats Cooler at Festivals!!


Fiberglass Slides:

This not an inflatable slide, not a cheesy pool slide & definitely not your Grandma's slip & slide!!  These are actual refurbished commercial water slides!

Support Structure:

This is all commercial staging (like the stuff you see at concerts.)  All start towers & supports are engineered and designed for the SAA application.  We know people who do this!   


Its a Turnkey deal.  We love building these & operating these.  Its just easier!  Our staff is trained to operate the SAA so everybody is safe & really happy!  You need to enjoy yourself! 

Environmental Footprint:

We bring everything in & take everything out.  We designed it to run on portable power, fixed power, propane, whatever it takes.  The portable pump trailer is energy efficient & state of the art pumps, filters, salt water chlorinator & heaters.  We contain 95% of the splash pool water & can bring the pool water in & out.  We make a living recycling water park equipment, we thought this through.