Our first year building water slides we put in a super long water slide going over a 38’ cliff and into Lake Champlain.  The client wanted a lake slide installed without visible structure on the cliff and without impacting the existing landscaping.

We snaked the slide down from the top of the property with open body slide for 130 feet and then transitioned to enclosed tube slide to traverse the cliff and go down into the lake next to the dock. The tube section of the slide was 210 feet and had a big curve at the bottom of the cliff to slow riders down and provide a run out alongside the dock.

To provide hidden support on the cliff portion of the slide, we used these huge footings way up on the property and then cantilevered the slide sections off the cliff with chains.  The slide exterior was finished to blend with the cliff and the dark chains were camouflaged, producing a stunning visual effect. 

The ride was pretty awesome as well—3.5 seconds for the lower tube section of slide.  That’s a fast water slide. I know because I did the first test ride and just about hit my photographer at the bottom (he never saw me coming).


If you’re looking for a lake water slide, our used water slide sections can turn your invisible slide into reality.  While we did a full turnkey slide deployment for this client, we also design and deliver slide sections that you (or your contractor) can install.