Before we put the slides in at Burger’s Lake, we did this slide for a camp in the Catskills. 

In addition to a good waterslide design, the setup needed to adhere to Jewish Orthodox law requirements.  The right number of steps between landings up the tower, appropriate privacy accommodations for riders, things like that.

Getting the technical design right AND delivering on their vision (a waterslide both genders could use without breaking Hasidic law) was a fun challenge.  We were responsible for the entire deployment.  We worked up the slide design, refurbished the slide parts, and put the finishing touches on the privacy elements.  We pulled it off and had a great time doing it!  I can still remember the smile on the owner's face as we sat talking at the end of the job. 

If you have a slide in mind that sounds like a pipe dream, please get in touch.  Your idea may be a challenge, but we love a good challenge!