Do you have a great idea for a water slide but you’re not quite sure how to get started? That’s ok—just tell us your story and we’ll do the rest.  When we do a slide for someone, the project starts with a story. It’s usually something like:

The other night while the sun was setting I had this idea for a big water slide that goes down our hill into the lake. When I told my wife she agreed it would be awesome but wants the whole thing buried under the landscaping.
My husband and I were talking about our pool design and I think it would be great if we could put a slide from our balcony down into the pool. That setup would make for sweet pool parties.

We love that.  Tell us your story and let’s figure out how to do it because that’s what we love to do.  The way the commercial fiberglass slide sections are put together (a bit like lego pieces) gives us a lot of flexibility around what’s possible to build.  However, just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it will be an enjoyable ride.

The way these things are designed and engineered, it’s nearly impossible for someone to come out of the slide while they’re going down.  What you do get on a poorly designed slide is pinballing—where the inertia throws you against the curve instead of carrying you around it. Then when you come out of that curve you’ll slingshot to the other side.  If you’ve ever gone down a slide and felt thrown around or banged up, you know there’s a design flaw.

That's why a great story makes the best foundation for your slide design—we may need to adjust your design to deliver a great ride but we can always deliver on your story. 

In fact, we fixed a slide last month where riders would come out of this one corner and get shot over to the other side.  If you weren’t paying attention, you would bang your head or shoulder. A good home water slide design strikes the balance between an immersive experience and an exciting ride. Jostling or other design issues that take you into “thinking” land detract from the experience.  You should never have to think, “How can I not get injured going down this”.

Fortunately with our design and build process you don’t have to worry about dunking the design.  That’s my job—I’ll take your idea and then we’ll design and build a ride that’s both safe AND exciting.  We have over 8 years of experience designing and installing custom water slides and know how to turn your story into reality (we also Chuck Yeager the slides when they’re finished to make sure everything is awesome). 

To get started, just send us your story.  You can also include a picture of your property with the ideal start and end points marked along with ideal vertical drop (if you know it).